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Hydropolical Baseline Study of the YarmoukTributary of the Jordan River

Journal Articles 

The following is a list of journal articles related to the WDC thermatic areas:

Zeitoun, M., Abdallah, C., Dajani, M., Khresat, S., Elaydi, H., Alfarra, A. (2019) The Yarmouk tributary to the Jordan River I: Agreements impeding equitable transboundary water arrangements. Water Alternatives 12(13): 1064 – 1094

Zeitoun, M., Dajani, M., Abdallah, C. Khresat, S., Elaydi, H. (2019) The Yarmouk tributary to the Jordan River II: Infrastructure impeding the transformation of equitable transboundary water arrangement. Water Alternatives 12(3): 1095 – 1122 ​


Bending the Curve of Global Freshwater Biodiversity Loss: An Emergency Recovery Plan

Tickner, D., Opperman, J J., Abell, R., Acreman, M., Arthington, A.H., Bunn, S.E., Cooke, S.J., Dalton, J., Darwall, W., Edwards, G., Harrison, I., Hughes, K., Jones, T., Leclère, D., Lynch, A.J., Leonard, P., McClain, M.E., Muruven, D., Olden, J.D., Ormerod, S.J., Robinson, J., Tharme, R.E., Thieme, M., Tockner, K., Wright, M., Young, L. 19 February 2020 in American Institute of Biological Science.​


Measuring scarce water saving from interregional virtual water flows in China

Zhao, X., Li, Y. P., Yang, H., Liu, W. F., Tillotson, M. R., Guan, D., Yi, Y. & Wang, H. 27 Apr 2018 In : Environmental Research Letters. 13, 5, 054012


A 305-year continuous monthly rainfall series for the Island of Ireland (1711-2016)

Murphy, C., Broderick, C., Burt, T. P., Curley, M., Duffy, C., Hall, J., Harrigan, S., Matthews, T. K. R., Macdonald, N., McCarthy, G., McCarthy, M. P., Mullan, D., Noone, S., Osborn, T. J., Ryan, C., Sweeney, J., Thorne, P. W., Walsh, S. & Wilby, R. L. 27 Mar 2018 In : Climate of the Past. 14, 3, p. 413-440​​​

The relevance of international water law to later-developing upstream states

Zeitoun, M. 2015 In : Water International. 40, 7, p. 949-968 20 p.

The water cycle in a changing climate

Osborn, T., Gosling, S. N., Wallace, C. & Dorling, S. 2015 7th World Water Forum, Words into Action. London: Faircount Media Group, p. 14-19​

Lankford, B.A., Bakker, K., Zeitoun, M., and Conway, D. (Eds) 2013. Water security: Principles, perspectives and practices. Earthscan Publications, London.

Budds, Jessica and Farhana, Sultana (2013) ‘Exploring political ecologies of water and development‘, Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 31 (2):275-279

Edwards, G.A.S., (2013) ‘Shifting constructions of scarcity and the neoliberalization of Australian water governance‘, Environment and Planning A 45 (8), 1873-1890.

Goulden, M. C., Conway, D. (2013) Responding to floods in the Nile Basin: A case study of the 1997-1998 floods in the Upper White Nile, in: Boulter, S., Palutikof , J., Karoly, D.J., Guitart, D. (Eds.), Natural Disasters and Adaptation to Climate Change. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 181-189.

Zeitoun, M., Eid-Sabbagh, K., Talhami, M. and Dajani, M. (2013) ‘Hydro-hegemony in the Upper Jordan Waterscape: control and use of the flows‘, Water Alternatives 6 (1) 86 – 106.

Zeitoun, Mark, Talhami, Michael and Eid-Sabbagh, Karim (2013) The Influence of Narratives on Negotiations over and Resolution of the Upper Jordan River Conflict‘, International Negotiation 18(2): 293 – 322.

Zeitoun, Mark (2013) ‘Global environmental justice and international transboundary waters: an initial exploration’, Geographical Journal 179(2): 141 – 149.

Zeitoun, M., Goulden, M., Tickner, D. (2013), ‘Current and Future Challenges Facing Transboundary River Basin Management: Review and Analysis‘, WIREs Climate Change 4 (5) .331-349.​

Water and hydropolitics

Budds, J. & Loftus, A. Mar 2014 The Companion to Development Studies. Desai, V. & Potter, R. (eds.). 3 ed. Routledge, Chapter 6.8

Zeitoun, Mark, Karim Eid-Sabbagh, Muna Dajani and Michael Talhami (2012) Hydro-political Baseline of the Upper Jordan River. Beirut, Association of the Friends of Ibrahim Abd el Al.

Herrera-Pantoja, M, Hiscock, KM and Boar, RR (2011) ‘The potential impact of climate change on groundwater-fed wetlands in eastern England‘, Ecohydrology.


Oates, N., Conway, D. and Calow, R. (2011) ‘The ‘mainstreaming’ approach to climate change adaptation: insights from Ethiopia’s water sector‘, ODI Background Notes, April 2011


Zeitoun, Mark (2011) ‘The Global Web of National Water Security‘, Global Policy 2 (2)

Cascão, A.E. and Zeitoun, M. (2010). Earle, A., Jägerskog, A. and Ojendal, Power, Hegemony and ​Critical Hydropolitics. J. Transboundary Water Management: Principles and Practice. London, Earthscan.


Lankford, B.A., 2010. Responding to water scarcity – beyond the volumetric. In, Mehta, L. (ed) The Limits of Scarcity.  Earthscan, London.


Zeitoun, M., Allan, J. A. (Tony) and Mohieldeen, Y. (2010) ‘Virtual water ‘flows’ of the Nile Basin, 1998 – 2004: A first approximation and implications for water security’, Global Environmental Change 20: 229 – 242


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