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Water Security Principles, Perspectives And Practices

The purpose of this book is to present an overview of the latest research, policy, practitioner, academic and international thinking on water security—an issue that, like water governance a few years ago, has developed much policy awareness and momentum with a wide range of stakeholders. As a concept it is open to multiple interpretations, and the authors here set out the various approaches to the topic from different perspectives.

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Resource Efficiency Complexity And The Commons

The efficient use of natural resources is key to a sustainable economy, and yet the complexities of the physical aspects of resource efficiency are poorly understood. In this challenging book, the author proposes a major advance in our understanding of this topic by analysing resource efficiency and efficiency gains from the perspective of common pool resources, applying this idea particularly to water resources and its use in irrigated agriculture.

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Diplomacy on the Jordan

The Jordan River has attracted the attention of people around the world. The natives call it “the Shari’a,” or the Code [of God.] The religious importance of the river is known to mankind. Travelers and explorers sailed down its course from north to south. All have noted that its waters are turbulent, its path windy, and its meandering course steep. Old civilizations flourished in the Jordan River basin. The territories surrounding it were known to have been ruled by the same political authority for centuries.

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