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21-23 March, 2021

Course Description

This course will guide through participants on how to update the land cover use maps; it aims to leverage participants’ knowledge on the various nomenclatures widely used. Participants will examine the different automated satellite image classification for satellite images vs visual interpretations. Throughout this course, participants will be guided to establish a land cover use map for one of the sub watersheds of the Yarmouk basin through time series satellite data dated back to 1962 to up-to-date ones (2019). Participants shall be also working on satellite image indices (NDVI, EVI, etc.) to fine tune their resultant map.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, and as a result of the activities and study in this course, trainees should be able to accomplish the following:

  • Become familiar with different nomenclature used
  • Perform a supervised and unsupervised classification
  • Basics of visual image interpretation
  • Extract image indices
  • Establish Land cover use map
  • Track changes from time series
  • Perform simple analysis


  • Prof. Chadi Abdallah: Knowledge and Analysis track principle investigator, RS and GIS expert.
  • Eng. Houssein Khatib: Assistant, Senior in GIS and Remote Sensing



Hosting Organization: WDC- JUST (Zoom meeting)

Course Schedule

Chadi Abdallah– Introduction to GIS
– Introducing RS techniques  
– Land cover use nomenclatures
– Satellite image classification
– Discussion (Q & Ans)
Hussein KhatibAvailable satellite images and Hubs
Chadi AdballahSupervised and unsupervised Classification & element of visual interpretation
Indices of LUC
Hussein KhatibSetting the stage for LUC mapping
Chadi Adballah & Hussein Khatib– Hands-on (Downloading Satellite images, performing supervised and unsupervised classification extracting indices 
– Hands-on visual interpretation and updating the LUC map
– LUC results comparison & setting the stage for next training


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