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May 2021 TO October 2021

Fostering Water Diplomacy in MENA

The main purpose of the project is to develop a framework for a guidebook on transboundary water negotiations through a dialogue with individuals who have participated in or have experience with negotiations over shared water resources, especially in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. In this context, the main focus is on identifying important elements and key considerations (organizational, strategic, skills, etc.) for enhancing outcomes to achieve an agreement on a transboundary water resource.

The guidebook aims at providing practical guidance on the basic elements and preparation required to approach transboundary water negotiation based on existing global practice, albeit acknowledging that every basin context is unique.

WDC and CMI will work together to support future negotiations in the field of water diplomacy by laying the groundwork for a guidebook that will provide individuals with the basin elements, facilitating the pursuit for equitable and sustainable solutions. This project also aims to create a pool of water experts with negotiation experience who can support water diplomacy and promote transboundary water governance.


  1. The main objective of the project is to launch a discussion among water professionals experienced in negotiations outlining key elements and to formulate a draft framework for a guidebook on transboundary water negotiations.
  2. Highlight proven approaches that have been used to prepare for transboundary water resources when conflicts overutilization and volumetric allocations arise.
  3. Support and facilitate a platform for regional cooperation on transboundary waters in MENA countries, including identifying a pool of experts.

Expected Outputs/Results

  1. WDC and CMI will co-facilitate a workshop that will bring together experts in negotiation over transboundary water from several MENA countries, as well as several additional actors to discuss good processes for cooperation and to come up with practical actions to identify and incorporate into a guidebook for pursuing negotiations of transboundary water.
  2. Constitutes a real cooperation platform of a regional experts/negotiators’ network that can be developed in the future regionally, with a positive role to contribute in dialogue, good governance, and water diplomacy.


  • Prof. Suhil Kiwan – Dean of Engineering, Jordan University of Science and Technology.
  • Mr .Fuad Bateh- External Negotiations and Water Law Advisor
  • Eng. Enas al Bakri – Project coordinator


  • Crisis Management Initiative (CMI)


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