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Evaluating Transboundary Water Arrangements

8-10 June 2021


Building on a first training series1 hosted by the JUST Water Diplomacy Center in 2020 and early 2021, the goal of this second training series is to build the participants´ knowledge and understanding to promote cooperation and the implementation of IWRM at the transboundary level. The objective is to help participants:

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, and as a result of the activities and study in this course, trainees should be able to accomplish the following:

  • Assess current water allocations in an example basin, along with understanding the “methods” being used for those allocations.
  • Compare the allocation arrangement to what international water law might offer.  
  • Outline possible approaches steps required to move from the first method (and current allocation) to the second method (ideally “equitable and sustainable”) and the allocation and ecosystem arrangements that it might provide.
  • Consider how development of knowledge can inform analysis to help parties reduce the increasing pressure on scarce shared water resources.

Course Schedule

Dr. Muna Dajani
 Dr.Abdullah Droubi
 Prof. Mark Zeitoun
Initial Panel on Evaluating Transboundary Water Arrangements
 Mr. Ziad KhayatScience Informing Policy: The Inventory of Shared Water Resources in Western Asia-the Jordan River Basin
Dr. Rola Quba´aInternational Water Law and Transboundary Water Allocation: Case of the Jordan River Basin
Dr. Shaddad AttiliTowards a more effective arrangement of the Jordan River Basin
Prof. Chadi AbdallahModern Technology and Science leading to Better Policy and Transboundary Hydrogovernance in the Yarmouk Basin
Prof. Amin ShabanTowards Optimized Practices for Sustainable Water Resources Management in the Yarmouk Basin
Prof. Roula BachourVirtual Water and Food Trade Opportunities for the Yarmouk Basin
Prof. John MurrayOvercoming Obstacles to Developing a Cooperative Process for Water Resources Management: the Jordan River Basin
Prof. Mark ZeitounTransboundary Water Resource Management vs. Existing Practice in the Yarmouk Basin


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