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Prof. Majed Abu-Zreig

The Director of the Water Diplomacy Center



Water and the environment represent one of the biggest challenges facing global and local communities. They are also source of conflict and cooperation among nations. As transboundary basins host more than half of the world’s population, with countries sharing about 310 rivers and lakes and 592 surfaces of groundwater, Cooperation and diplomacy in transboundary water is vital for security and peace among riparian countries.

The Middle East, North Africa region and Jordan in particular, are one of the most water-scarce regions in the world, where the demand for water far exceeds the natural amount of available water. Climate change, population growth exacerbate scarcity on water resources and become a source of tension among nations. Accordingly, water problems have become more central to armed conflicts in our time, a tendency that rings the alarm and always reminds us of the strong and fundamental link between water, security, and peace.

To overcome these challenges at the local and international levels, we must strengthen cooperation on transboundary waters and emphasize it as an important tool in achieving global stability and peace, through a variety of initiatives and activities that include: research, policy formation, consultations, development training, and knowledge transfer Technology, etc.

Because of the necessity of a water and peace base, the Water Diplomacy Center (WDC) was established at Jordan University of Science and Technology as a hub for water diplomacy; A tool dedicated to developing capabilities that enhance knowledge in transboundary water management, provide solutions to water problems, help manage water resources, supplement the efforts of existing local and national waterinstitutions, and study the impact of global changes and appropriate governance mechanisms to enhance the concepts of water diplomacy, partnership, and mediation in order to ensure a fair peace between the countries located on The banks of rivers and seashores.

The Water Diplomacy Center (WDC) aspires to raise awareness about the importance of transboundary water issues and negotiations and connect water decision-makers in MENA countries with expertise and technical knowledge in transboundary water that focus on legal, negotiation, mediation and diplomacy aspects. This very important initiative requires large efforts and intellectual awareness to increase investments and innovations in the field of transboundary water management, economic and social development and encourage the exchange of data and information for cooperation in the Middle East region.


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